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As a collaboration between Giraffe Social Enterprises and Gresprächskultur, we are dedicated to bringing together and hosting learners, family and community as we walk our way towards togetherness.


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What is an IIT?

“Nonviolent Communication training shows people how to create peace within themselves and at the same time how to create connections with other people that allows compassionate giving to take place naturally” Marshall B. Rosenberg, Phd


The IIT is a unique gathering which offers an extraordinary opportunity to come together in an international residential community over 9 days with the explicit intention to engage within a compassionate paradigm. It is an immersion in the skills and consciousness of nonviolent communication, offering experiences and learning from each other as well as the trainers and team supporting the IIT.  

Registration for the IIT is via the main CNVC site....please follow the link and scroll to the end of the page  here

People with Families?

Woodbrooke, the IIT hosts ~a family group of three generations ~ and the trainer team are delighted to be open to welcome people who, to make it possible to join us, would need or wish to bring children with them. We are all confident from our previous experiences that younger ones will contribute to our community life together, we are also confident that the focus and integrity of the IIT will be maintained.


Please do connect with Gayano directly to enquire or raise any questions about this as needed. All arrangements for the possibility of coming with young ones will be agreed on a per-family basis through connection and dialogue with Gayano in the first instance - do reach out and begin to explore if this is relevant to you! 



“What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart.”


What will it cost to join in?

For many years CNVC have been initiating and hosting these 9 day events for people to come together for learning...


The tuition fees support both the IIT event  (the trainers and hosting costs and some income) as well as significantly contributing to the on-going work of the CNVC across the world; what you are able to pay supports the present CNVC office, staff, website, scholarships and more....thank you!  Please follow link below for registration and costs...

Preparation for the IIT


We will be offering sessions for a range of people who all have differing experiences in relation to NVC. We do suggest that before attending you look at the basic introduction to NVC, either reading Marshall’s book, “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life” or to watch the sessions now available via YouTube of Marshall offering a two day introduction to NVC found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MsKkAweR7Q


Learning environment


To provide you with a choice of learning opportunities there will often be multiple simultaneous topics offered by different trainers for you to chose which topic is most relevant for your learning.


Anyone who has not previously received any formal NVC training is encouraged to begin the IIT with the foundation sessions that will be offered.


We will of course be learning all the time, in all the informal moments as well as within any structured sessions and you are invited to keep asking questions and exploring. There will be a range of large group and small group activities, time for self-connection and reflections, encouragement to listen to yourself and what you might do that could most serve you as an individual during the 9 days.

CORE CURRICULUM ~ what Marshall gifted to CNVC...


  • Communicating with Self / Creating a Life-Serving System Within

  • Dynamics of Empathy

  • Honest Expression

  • Transforming Anger/Shame/Guilt/Depression

  • Healing and Reconciliation

  • Mediation

  • Sharing NVC

  • Social Change

  • Gratitude


Support whilst at the IIT


It is a significant transition for you to come from your homes, families and working lives to be together in a new group of people. It can be a big stretch for many of us to live so closely together for 9 days in this way and we are celebrating and grateful to all those who choose to come together for the learning and inspiration we will all share. We will be offering many strategies throughout our being together in an attempt to offer the support needed by us all.

Home Groups

One strategy will be the ‘home groups’ - small consistent groups that will come together regularly throughout the 9 days to support belonging, empathy, community, learning, practicing and learning NVC.


Aspects of home groups can include opportunities to ‘check-in’ and hear from everyone.


You might focus on - How are you? What feelings/needs are alive? Are you wanting some of the group’s time to be focused on you? Are there celebrations or mournings? Are there any conflicts within the group or larger community you want to talk about?


And ‘home groups’ can offer opportunities to:

  • Explore facilitator or leadership roles

  • Practice in creating agreements and making decisions, i.e. time and place of meeting times practice using NVC to talk about what is alive in the group - what’s working and what’s not? Discuss the content of one of the sessions.

  • Does your group want to contribute something to the larger group – a remembering, or an act in the Self-Expression Session (“No Need For Talent Show”)?

  • Closing - ‘a ‘check out’ – sharing how you are briefly before the circle closes

“However impressed we may be with NVC concepts, it is only through practice and application that our lives are transformed”