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Giraffe Social Enterprises

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As a collaboration between Giraffe Social Enterprises and Gresprächskultur, we are dedicated to bringing together and hosting learners, family and community as we walk our way towards togetherness.


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A very warm welcome from gayano, Jason, Josie, Harry, Kersten, Rose and Merlin: A unique cooperation between British and Austrian cooperatives as well as a family group of 3 generations. We are honoured to be working, playing and dreaming as we craft our welcome to you with love and full-heartedness to join us.


‘To the degree that we can we are here to uncover what it means to let love entwine itself around our concerns and then expand the chink through which we view the world’

- Steven Schwart


It is a privilege and an honour that we come together as a family to welcome you.  We offer ourselves in service to us all and the extraordinary invitation of NVC in our lives and it is for sure our good fortune to be able to come together with you all. Thank you! We are confident that our time will be woven with sharings, stories, learning,  good food, tears, reverence, beauty, grief, love, laughter and a chance to re-member the living relatedness and neededness of one another. 


“A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place define and limit the possibilities of each other's lives. It is the knowledge that people have of each other, their concern for each other, their trust in each other, the freedom with which they come and go among themselves.”

― Wendell Berry

Setting the scene

It is quite a thing to have this chance to come together ~ we are so grateful!  It is a real privilege to be with others to wrestle and grapple with what it is to live within NVC.   Thank you for your commitment -  the time, energy, thoughts, money & organising skills to come together.  And thank you too for your kinship - that you are inspired by Marshall’s life work and you dedicate time and effort to bringing this into your lives, homes and maybe communities.  We will be spending time together to explore our habits of thought and words, whilst walking towards ever more curiosity about ourselves, the world we live in, and what might be needed from us.  


And the setting of a ‘tone’ within which we come together - the words ‘interdependent paradigm’ come to mind - and  ‘brave space’  - a time for stretching our comfort zones, trying something new, etc..  IIT's offer a robust container in which there is room to practice, take risks, be needed by one another and ask more of ourselves.   

May our time together be full of inspiration, engagement, fun, tears, connections, wrestling with concepts, ideas, stuff of the heart, what it is to be human, what is as stake as we live and share NVC, much learning, room for  not knowing and plenty of growing!   How we each bring ourselves to this venture will contribute to what we conjure together:


“What we encounter, recognise or discover, depends on the quality of our approach. An approach of reverence invites revelation. To pause and reflect on this can make all the difference between living in a cold, detached world, populated primarily by judgements and cynicism, and living in a world riddled with intimacy and offers of communion. When our approach is one of reverence, we find ourselves falling into a deeper embrace with all that is open to encounter, both internally and in the surrounding, breathing world”  

― John O’Donohue


And as we come together - 

Rachelle Lamb Canadian Certified Trainer (CT)  recently shared this  “beautiful excerpt of Marshall speaking about needs in the CD “Experiencing Needs as a Gift”, where he is close to tears as he speaks:

“I was well aware of the semanticist’s warning that the map is not the territory .. so something as beautiful as needs .. it’s a central part of what I teach and I have never come up with words to describe it. The best I can do is needs but it doesn’t, for me word wise .. it’s not a beautiful enough description but the only other option I can think of,  I don’t know how to fit into everyday language, because for me, I just let it out today .. what is a need?


A need .. it’s a present manifestation of divine energy within us .. it’s a life force .. we’re part of this .. this beauty .. we’re a part of it ..  an integral part of it .. God, that’s the beauty .. the odds .. it’s incredible .. we’re a part of it ..  and the most direct way I know of connecting with that is what I call needs .. it’s the life energy within me that indicates that I’m a part of this wonder, but being aware of that, I’m more patient about not having good words because as I said I really appreciate the Jewish problem that you can’t describe God .. this is similar ..  this is our connection to God. So words of course are not going to do it. You can’t describe something of such awe with words. So that’s the ascriptive nature of it.


That’s what i mean by needs are ascriptive. All we can do is do the best we can with these words to get a glimmer to other people of that manifestation that’s within me at this moment.  


I see in the needs this living force within me .. it’s connected .. it’s interdependent .. the life makes me feel at one with a leaf and I am a leaf ..  we are  part of this beautiful universe and look at all of the living phenomena in the universe and they have needs .. trees have needs, bees have needs…

―Marshall B Rosenberg PhD