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As a collaboration between Giraffe Social Enterprises and Gresprächskultur, we are dedicated to bringing together and hosting learners, family and community as we walk our way towards togetherness.


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NVC in troubled Times

NVC In Troubled Times

There is SO much to be in awe of in this extraordinary world of ours~and indeed so much that is heartbreaking and troubling...

And so, as a pre NVC IIT offering, you are humbly invited to come join us in being troubled aloud together, as as in all good hearted gatherings, no doubt there will be much love, tears, grief and hearty companionship as we wrestle together with being alive here in 2018 with all this is.

As a host team we are honoured to invite you...

arrive 10.45 to be ready in the Cadbury Room at 11.00 am

You be warmly welcomed in and both supported and asked of as you cross this threshold to the work of our day together.

11.30 am - 12.30 we are fortunate indeed to have our 5 IIT Trainers as the 'NVC Question Time Panel' readied and openhearted to hear what is it that stirs in your own hearts. What matters to you from personal to global - what is it that you would have ask of our experienced team. Question Time to be chaired by Sophie Docker.

NB -ALL questions to be gathered in advance of the day - please message gayano here - and an hour will NOT be enough to answer everyone's

12.30 pm a short period of connections, brief guided grounding meditation and pairs..

13.00 - 14.30 Lunch served for us all together at Woodbrooke.

14.30 - 16.00 an rich afternoon hosted for by NVC based OpenEdge ~ deep gratitude to Sarri Bater, Ceridwen Buckmaster, Sophie Docker and Thurka Krishnasamy  for bringing to life:
*The Otherness Lab difference and inclusion. 
*Transition Lounge 
All OpenEdge offerings are based upon supporting a new consciousness of interdependent needs.

16.00 -16.30 Break
16.30 - 17.00 - closing our day together...

suggested contributions of £15.00 to £65.00 per person to include a light lunch, and please message if this is not doable - ALL are welcome...and moneys gratefully received in service of the rooms that will support us gather, our lunch and all that goes into making this possible, travel expenses for OpenEdge and support of NVC....Thank you xx

REGISTRATION - (needed) here
or contact gayano via email or phone ~
+44 (0)7933 743105