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As a collaboration between Giraffe Social Enterprises and Gresprächskultur, we are dedicated to bringing together and hosting learners, family and community as we walk our way towards togetherness.


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Carl works from a belief that when people in violent conflict meet each other and receive support to see and listen to each other, then something important happens: they start to develop mutual understanding and empathy.

Carl is passionate about ending acts of violence through supporting people to practice NVC based dialogue facilitation, crisis negotiation and reconciliation. He has been a certified trainer since 2013 and has primarily worked in the field using NVC in places of violent conflict. His core expertise is to establish a frame of dialogue in which people can recover, restore and maintain their sense of dignity as humans in the aftermath of destructive and painful conflict.

Carl also brings with him the tools he has learned from the sphere of Crisis Negotiation to continue moving forward toward peace when roadblocks such as demands, aggression and unilateral use of violence disable peaceful dialogue. He draws on his experience in facilitating peaceful dialogues from many diverse groups – from young school-aged children in the school yard to street gangs in the suburbs of Copenhagen; domestic violence; including politicians, police, civilians, rebels and military fighting each other in Ukraine.

For several years Carl has worked for the Danish police as a mediator and as a Dialogue Facilitation Officer for the diplomatic OSCE mission in the war zone in Ukraine. Today he is lead trainer of the School of Peace Engineers in Ukraine - a full-time, one year programme to support people in the mission of bringing peace to their war torn country.

Carl Plesner

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