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As a collaboration between Giraffe Social Enterprises and Gresprächskultur, we are dedicated to bringing together and hosting learners, family and community as we walk our way towards togetherness.


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"NVC is a way of keeping our consciousness tuned in moment by moment to the beauty within ourselves" Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

Woodbrooke is Europe's only Quaker Study Centre. It is based in the former family home of the local chocolate maker, George Cadbury, himself a Quaker, and has, since 1903, provided education for those of any faith or none from around the world. Education has always been based around exploring Quakerism and the themes of interest to Quakers, such as Peace and Reconciliation, Quaker History and Spiritual Journeys.


The venue for an IIT for us is really important - an IIT is not an event simply about learning and experience, but a time for a quality of nurturing and nourishing for us all.  Woodbrooke was home to the first UK IIT in 2014 and we are delighted to have them welcome us again this year.   They provide a rich environment for us all and an atmosphere that felt rich, spacious and homely.


An added touch for us includes knowing that Ghandi spoke in our main group room here in the 1930’s and stayed overnight too – for us there is a real sense of a history of nonviolence lived here and we are very grateful for how it will serve us all in this time together.



We want to support you to be as comfortable as you can in the group, thus some invitations:


  • For those traveling by car please do bring things that can support you in a group room, for example: cushions, blankets etc.

  • Indoor comfy shoes

  • Favourite teas/snacks – and there will be a large range of teas and coffees provided (see “Catering” below)

  • Anything else you can think of like this??


And a request


We are aware that some people have differing needs in relation to hearing and vision and other aspects of learning. Would you please let the host team know if you would like any printed materials to be done on coloured backgrounds to support you or request any thing else that might contribute to you


Thank you :)

Special meal requests

If you have made a request in relation to any special dietary requirement, we are inviting you to mail gayano on  gayano@ giraffesocialenterprises . org . uk to simply ensure we have everything in order for you.


Hot drinks


In addition to drinks being made available during formal breaks, there are “tea spots” in various parts of the building, where you can make your own tea and coffee at any time.


Internet and computers


Wi-Fi is available in all parts of Woodbrooke. Your Wi-Fi username and password will be on your name badge which you will collect on arrival.


Towels and bed linen


Fresh towels and bed linen are supplied when you first arrive. Woodbrooke is aware of the environmental impact of daily laundering of towels and linen and therefore do not automatically change towels every day. If you would like clean towels please leave the dirty ones outside your door.

International adapter available for use


£5 deposit available from the Friends in Residence office


Laundry facilities


There is a washing machine and dryer available for participants to use. There is also an ironing board. Washing powder and clothes dryer tokens available at 50p each available from the Friends-in-Residence office.


Did you forget something?


Woodbrooke has a small shop in reception that may have what you need, including toothpaste, deodorant, notebook, pen or pencil and snacks. If you are paying during office hours, please give the money to a member of the Administration Team. Outside of office hours, please use the honesty box on the shop.


Can you smoke or drink alcohol at Woodbrooke?


Woodbrooke is a smoke-free building with a smoking area provided in the grounds with butt bins by all the entrances. Woodbrooke has an alcohol-free policy where alcohol is not permitted in any of the public areas, which includes all meeting rooms, dining areas, kitchens and the grounds. There are local pubs around and these are noted in the Woodbrooke guide..

Additional parking spaces


Bournville Lane (which the street behind Woodbrooke, the same side of the road)


Witherford Way (Opposite side of the road to Woodbrooke)


Local shops


The closest shops are Sainsbury’s, there are two: one in Northfields (around a 5 minute drive) and one in Selly Oak (around a 4 minute drive)


What should you do in case of an emergency?


There are several Woodbrooke staff members who are trained in First Aid. If you need first aid please use a Red Phone to speak to a Friend-in-Residence (dial 777). There is a First Aid kit located in the Friends-in-Residence office.


Name badges, keys to rooms and wifi access codes


On arrival, as well as checking information with the IIT team, you will be given a name badge from the venue. These are green pouches with a silver chain. They have inserts in them with our group name and your personal name.


They also include a key card for the bedroom and access around the building, as well as the wifi and bedroom number on them.


We ask guests to keep their badges with them all the time.


Would you like a different name on your name badge?


If this is the case - that you would like a ‘known by’ name on your name tag, please do let gayano know at least one week in advance of arrival. Thank you so much….

Medical Information


As part of the registration process, please do remember to fill out and bring to the venue the Emergency Contact form attached to the letter sent when this booklet was sent to you.


Participants are responsible for their own medical needs and expenses. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, please remember to bring any prescriptions or medication you will need during your stay. Bring sufficient funds/insurance for any medical expenses and medical transport. Those from Europe – please remember to bring your EU health insurance card.

and for further details see: Woodbrooke's Welcome Booklet

Useful Extras